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Millennium bim – Inauguration of Machava’s branch

Sep 20, 2016

Millennium bim recently opened a new branch in Machava, in the province of Maputo, which responds to the growing needs of the local population.


According to the newspaper “Notícias Online”, the bank today has 173 branches distributed from Rovuma to Maputo, with more than 100 bank agents and 473 ATMs.

Notice that, in 2015, bim launched the bank agents project and established a partnership with Mozambique Post Office, which foresees the opening of joint branches in the coming years in different parts of the country, an investment that will contribute significantly not only for the recovery of public assets, but also for the banking development of Mozambique.

It should be noted that bim is the largest Mozambican financial group and the only country bank present in the “ranking” of the 100 largest banks in Africa, occupying the 55th position.

In the banking process of the Mozambican economy, the bank is present in all the country’s provinces and today has a vast network of branches, one of the largest ATM and POS networks, with the contribution of its 2500 employees serving more than 1.5 million clients.

Intergaup Mozambique, in partnership with Projectual Mozambique, has been responsible for the development of projects for the expansion and supervision of works throughout the Mozambican territory.