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BDK – Banque de Dakar started its activity

Aug 20, 2015

Banque de Dakar opened its headquarters in June 2015, located at 7 Av. Léopold Sédar SENGHOR, in the city center.


According to Vasco Duarte Silva: “The BDK project was born out of the vision of the BDK Financial Group’s main promoter, Mr. Alberto Cortina, with the ambition of international investors to create a financial group in sub-Saharan Africa to accompany the process of economic emergence in this part of the continent. In this perspective, the now BDK Financial Group was founded in May 2014, in Luxembourg, and subsequently the BDK Group in November 2014, in Senegal, to bring the bank to the WAEMU area. Senegal was chosen as the gateway due to the global political stability, the quality of banking supervision and the human resources available, as well as the diversification of the project’s economic potential. BDK is the firstborn of the BDK Group banks and others will follow in the coming years in other WAEMU countries”.

The specific intervention of the Group’s headquarters involved the rehabilitation of a 4,500 m² building, whose architecture project was designed by Intergaup, which also developed the BDK Brand concept.

In this project, Projectual developed all engineering areas, from the building’s autonomy in relation to external infrastructures, through the adaptation of spaces to different uses, as well as involving all the necessary technology for the development of properly integrated and harmonized activity, up to the design of the institution’s Datacenter.