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Gago Coutinho School in Alverca

Oct 24, 2022

The second phase of the Gago Coutinho School in Alverca has reopened.


According to Parque Escolar:

The aim of the renovation of Gago Coutinho Secondary School, carried out by Parque Escolar, was to reorganise the teaching spaces and the way in which the existing buildings were used, enhancing the role and conditions of the indoor and outdoor spaces for collective use.

The intervention focused on the rehabilitation of the five main blocks of the school (three blocks of classrooms, a block of administrative and multi-purpose services, and also a sports hall) and added three new buildings to the school complex, which include the workshop block, the gymnasium and changing rooms, and the block for social and support spaces.

The exterior arrangements project contemplated living and circulation areas, pedagogical vegetable gardens, sports fields and two parking areas for vehicles, supporting the workshop building and the administrative services block.

Giving sequence to the initial intervention the project of Architecture in this phase was also developed by the recognized Architecture Team JOÃO LÚCIO LOPES – JLLA Arquitectos, that was also supported by PROJECTUAL for the elaboration of all the engineering specialties.

In this phase the construction was carried out by Construtora TPS.