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Earthquake Museum

Oct 24, 2022

QuaKe Museum – The 1755 Earthquake experience.


According to the Portuguese Education for Citizenship Portal:

A new interactive museum, Quake Museum, opened in Lisbon, sustained in the knowledge of History, Science and Art, which was the basis to provide the revisitation of the 1755 Earthquake and offer visitors the experience of the sensations lived, contributing to the understanding of the impacts of this Natural Risk.

The Quake Museum Earthquake Centre resulted from a collaborative work involving historians, teachers from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon and researchers from the Dom Luiz Institute and its objectives were scientific, historical and technological accuracy.

The visit to the Quake Museum intends to enable the acquisition of knowledge about seismology and civil protection in its preventive aspect, namely in the training centre, as well as to visit the streets of Lisbon that were destroyed and to contact with the society of that time.

The Architecture project was developed by the recognized Architecture Office FRAGMENTOS, who was the supported by PROJECTUAL for the elaboration of all the engineering specialties.

More information about the project can be found on the FRAGMENTOS website here.