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Projectual - Servišos de Engenharia, Lda, undertakes to manage its organization according to a strategy based on Quality and Environmental Performance, implemented through a Management system that expresses its identity and promotes in a sustained way its affirmation in the market.

We have set out a course to achieve Quality and to comply with Good Environmental Practices, defining a program, the principles, objectives and performance standards to be obtained, as well as the aspects to be analyzed, evaluated and continuously improved, according to the following:

• To seek the full satisfaction of our customers' needs, eliminating failures and simultaneously detecting new business opportunities, seeking to find the most appropriate solutions for each situation, in order to promote the recognition and subsequent loyalty of them;

• Provide a complete set of services with the required quality and within the established deadlines, framed in a control policy that allows to obtain a good relation between cost and benefit, according to the objectives of our clients;

• Clarity, fluency and continuous communication with our customers, employees and suppliers;

• Rigor in the Quality and selection of Human Resources, which support our activity and valorization of the same from the recruitment phase, through the training, use of cutting-edge technologies, motivation, professional achievement, comfort and promotion of a good environment of work, believing that the satisfaction of our employees promotes their best performance, both individual and team;

• Implement technologies, methodologies and good work practices that promote an optimization of procedures, seeking continuous improvement;

• Integrate respect for the environment and the management of environmental aspects in all activities carried out within the company, ensuring that stakeholders, including suppliers, act in accordance with good practices;

• Promote energy efficiency and good practices for the rational use of water and energy, in a strategy for the sustainable use of natural resources;

Projectual will systematically seek to optimize its processes and operating procedures, using the planning and integrated management of its technical and human resources, with a view to continuously improving the effectiveness of the quality and environmental management system, its products and services, while considering customer requirements, technical standards and applicable legislation, as well as taking into account aspects related to safety in all its aspects, comfort, suitability to function, aesthetics, environment and sustainability.

The Management designates Mr. Hugo Cosme as his representative for the Quality and Environmental Management System (SGQA) which, in addition to other functions, has the following responsibilities:

• Ensures that the processes required for the QMSQ are established, implemented and maintained;

• Report to the Administration the performance of the QMSQ and any need for improvement;

• Promotes the dissemination and assimilation of customer requirements throughout the company.