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Projectual is committed to manage the organization with a strategy associated with quality, by implementing a management system that expresses our identity, in a sustainable way. We set a course to achieve quality, by defining a program, the principles, objectives and
performance standards, to be obtained, as well, the aspects to analyze, evaluate and continuously improve, according to the following:

• Complete satisfaction of our clients' needs, simultaneously eliminating failures, detecting new business opportunities, seeking the best solutions for each situation, to obtain their recognition and confidence.

• Providing a complete set of services that leads to the achievement of our clients' objectives, with the required quality, within a policy of controlled costs, competitive prices, and agreed deadlines.

• Efficiency and Quality in the selection of human resources that sustain our business.

• Increase of the value of our staff since the initial recruitment, through training, professional achievement, motivation, comfort, using the most modern technology, promoting a good working welfare, for the satisfaction of our employees, and also obtain the best individual and team performance.

• Communication with clarity and fluency and information exchange with our clients, 
employees and suppliers.


Projectual will systematically optimize its processes and operating methods, using
integrated technical and human resources planning management, seeking the
continuous improvement of its products and services, taking into account the requirements of clients as well as compliance with legislation and guidelines, in order to achieve comfort, adequate safety, suitability for the job, good aesthetics, respect for the environment and sustainability. The quality management system in Projectual is certified according to ISO 9001, which proves commitment to ensure continuous satisfaction of our clients.